Monday, July 2, 2012

Lepanto Beat Festival - 28 July 2012

Alright now...on Sturday the 28th of July we'll be heading over to Nafpaktos for the Lepanto Beat Festival organized by Lost In Tyme Zine!

The Fest is taking place at the garden of an abandoned hotel and we are playing together with the ferocious Frantic V and The Snails. There's gonna be DJ sets chock full of good old garage punk music, kick ass live shows by the 3 bands and an after show party at Bar 2 to finish us off!! haha. Next day a beach party is gonna take place to make sure we won't be able to walk a straight line for once more!

So, we suggest you pack your skintight jeans, boots, shirts, swimsuits, umbrellas etc and make your way to Nafpaktos for the Lepanto Beat Festival, hang out, listen to way cool music (both live as well as from the DJ's), have more than a few beers and drinks and have a realy good time!!

For more info check the event's page on facebook, all the info you will need are there, including details as to where and how book a hotel room etc (special prices apply for those attending the Fest)!

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