Saturday, July 23, 2011

Drunken Angel EP Reviews

The Dark Rags debut "Drunken Angel EP" has been reviewed by the great Corporate Rock Knockout Fanzine (Issue 2) and by Lights Go Out (Issue 12). We will be posting the reviews really soon!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Studio Report

In between of playing gigs, getting drunk and being lazy The Dark Rags have almost finished mixing the tracks for their debut album.

The album which is set to be released after the summer, will also feature Mike Strauss (Les Hommes Sauvages, Richard Ruin) on Hammond and Organ.

Stay tuned for more info!!!!

The Best of The GaragePunk Hideout Vol.3: You Got Your Punk In My Garage

The Dark Rags have been included in the brand new - Volume 3 - installment of the Best Of The GaragePunk Hideout compilation series of GRGPNK Records: You Got Your Punk In My Garage with their song "Drunken Angel".

The compilation is available through iTunes, Amazon, eMusic and Napster.

Each volume of the Hideout Comp Series will be made available completely FREE for all active members of the GaragePunk Hideout - click here for more info.

The Dark Rags & Nasty Beach live

Guess what...yeah "A gig we forgot to blah blah blah......"

Fun times with our wild lady friends Nasty Beach.

Be Kind Rewind: June 2011

Back from Berlin with a hangover but always ready for another (more) drink (drinks) - here's a few posters for gigs we forgot to announce here as usual!

Be Kind Rewind: May 2011 Part 2: Tales of Debauchery, Indulgence and Excess


The Dark Rags played two cool gigs in Berlin! The first at Jagerklause together with Acapulco Radio and the second at the legendary Ex'n'Pop together with Mark Steiner. In both gigs, the Dark Rags were joined onstage by organ player Mike Strauss (Les Hommes Sauvages, Richard Ruin). 

To check out videos from both gigs visit The Dark Rags YouTube Channel

Videos were taken by the great Maria and Martin from Yeah Right Radio - check out Yeah Right's channel for more cool videos!

Be Kind Rewind: May 2011 Part 1

Here's the posters of a couple of gigs we forgot to post/announce here. We didn't forget to show up though ;)