Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Dark Rags Live @ Six Dogs

Boys and girls, tomorrow we are playing together with our acid drenched buddies Social End Products at Six Dogs! The Products will hit the stage at 23:00 and the Rags at 24:00!

Be there and have as much fun as you can!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lost In Tyme 6th Issue

Heeey, check out the latest 6th issue of Lost In Tyme fanzine!

We did an interview and also contributed a track for the 29 track CD compilation that accompanies this great zine. The Dark Rags are featured with a re-recording of The Sun Shines (originally on Drunken Angel EP), an outtake from our debut album recording sessions which also features Mike Strauss on Organ.

Check the zine out, lots of cool interviews and a killer comp CD with lots of great music!!!

To get yourself a copy contact Peris here: email , myspace, facebook

A few posters....

Here's a few gigs we forgot to post here.....

On the 26th of May we played the "Too Much Music" Fest organized by The Boy @ Six Dogs. It was really good fun with lots of cool bands on the bill...Thanks for the good times!

A week earlier we had the pleasure to share the stage with wild French Rock 'n' Rollers the Sonic Angels, typical Rags-style weekend..we had lots of fun! Cheers to Rumble Skunk Zine/Records (Spiros and Elli) for setting this cool gig up!!!!

And in April...there was no way we were going to miss the opportunity to play at our ever favourite Tribe Bar!! Cheers to Studio Ampersand for the really cool poster design!!!